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9th February 2007
Research into household-based
personalised travel planning

Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy is part of the consortium led by Integrated Transport Planning Limited that has been commissioned by the Department for Transport to research best practice in household-based personalised travel planning techniques. The consortium also includes specialist advisors from Cleary Stevens Consulting and the Centre for Transport & Society at the University of West of England.

We will be assessing the effectiveness of current approaches to personalised travel planning (PTP), through detailed site reviews, and interviews with leading practitioners. The outcome of the study will be new DfT best practice guidelines for local authorities seeking to deliver PTP programmes.

PTP, also known as individualised travel marketing, is a targeted marketing technique, providing travel advice, information, motivation and incentives based on an understanding of personal activity and travel patterns. PTP provides individuals or households with detailed advice and the necessary information in order to make journeys using more sustainable modes and/or to reduce the number, frequency or length of journeys made. PTP forms an important part of national and local transport policy, contributing to the suite of tools promoted under the heading of Smarter Choices banner.

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