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28th November 2007
The Low Floor, Low Carbon Minibus Project

Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy, with colleagues from Gfleet Services and TAS Partnership, is helping Sheffield Community Transport to explore the potential for taking the humble minibus to a new stage in its development: a reliable and affordable low-floor product, with appropriate levels of passenger comfort and ridability, that also minimises its adverse impact on the climate, air quality and noise levels.
In order to to establish the potential market for a low-floor, low carbon minibus, we are contacting passenger transport service commissioners and providers in local authorities, NHS ambulance trusts, voluntary and community organisations, national charities involved in minibus purchasing, and community transport operators.

More information
The Low Floor, Low Carbon Minibus Project has been commissioned by Sheffield Community Transport with the support of

Centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies (CENEX)

Sheffield Enterprise Clusters, a division of Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit

Sheffield City Council

Yorkshire Forward

The work is being undertaken by Richard Armitage Transport Consultancy, TAS Partnership, and Gfleet Services, leading practitioners in passenger transport, social transport enterprise development, and fleet environmental performance.

For Sheffield Community Transport, the Project is being led by Ian Jenkinson, General Manager (e-mail:

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